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Visit Neurologist if you have Symptoms of the Headache Given Below


It’s possible for headaches to be fairly common. But some headaches can be significantly more severe than others. How can you tell when a headache is bad enough to warrant a visit to the neurologist? Some warning indications are listed below. These will show whether there is a neurological problem and what might be causing your headaches.
It is tempting to constantly take medicine to relieve headaches if you have them frequently. This, however, can potentially be a sign of a more serious ailment.
It’s crucial to understand that if you use some over-the-counter medications excessively, they may potentially make your headaches worse. Even while they may be curing your headache, taking over-the-counter medications frequently can harm your stomach, kidneys, and liver.
It is advised that anyone who takes over-the-counter medication for headache relief for five or more days a month contact a doctor.

Activities are disrupted by headaches.

To find relief from headaches, make an appointment with your primary care physician. If your headaches are more bothersome than incapacitating, you should contact your primary care physician. However, if you begin to have incapacitating headaches, a trip to the neurologist may be necessary. Consult Dr. Indu Bhana is thebest neurologist for headache treatment in Indore. She is available at Maitry Neuro Care Clinic.

More signs and symptoms

You may need to see a neurologist in Indore if your headaches start to affect other parts of your body or if you start to have pain on only one side of your head. You should be concerned if you experience any weakness or numbness, nausea, vomiting, or any degree of sensitivity to light and sound.

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