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Paresthesia Treatment in Indore

If you’ve ever felt as though your skin was crawling, or had numbness or itching for no apparent reason, you may have experienced paresthesia.

Almost everyone has experienced paresthesia on occasion. One of the most common times people get that familiar feeling of pins and needles is when their arms or legs “fall asleep.” This sensation usually occurs because you’ve inadvertently put pressure on a nerve. It resolves once you change your position to remove the pressure from the affected nerve. This type of paresthesia is temporary and usually resolves without treatment. If the paresthesia persists, you may have an underlying medical disorder that requires treatment.

Who is at risk for paresthesia?
  • Paresthesia can happen to anybody at any time. With age, your chance of developing radiculopathy rises. You can also be more vulnerable to it if you:
  • Play an instrument, practise a sport like tennis, or engage in repetitive motions that continually strain your nerves, like typing.
  • Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Possess an autoimmune disease
  • Possess a neurological disorder like MS
What are the options for treating paresthesia?

Your paresthesia's cause will determine how it is treated. In some situations, it may be possible to treat your illness by getting rid of the source. For instance, if you suffer from a repetitive motion injury, a few lifestyle changes or physical treatment may be able to help.

If an underlying illness is the cause of your paresthesia, treating that illness may help to reduce the symptoms of paresthesia.

Your specific situation will decide whether your symptoms get better. There are some nerve injuries that cannot be repaired.