Neurologist in Indore

Cervical Pain Treatment in Indore

This is one of the great challenges that face cervical spine or cervical neck instability patients. The understanding of what treatment may help them the best and the controversies and confusion that surround these treatments. For some cervical spine surgery is the only way, for others, non-surgical treatments may be best. But what about patients whose symptoms are at best difficult to understand or difficult to determine what is causing them?

If your condition has caused some level of spinal cord compression, you may experience an array of neurological symptoms, including:

  • Weakness in your arms and/or legs
  • A loss of awareness of your limbs (this is called position sense)
  • A feeling of electric-like pain or tingling shooting down your spine and into your legs after bending your neck forward (this is called Lhermitte sign)
  • Reduced sensations of heat and cold in your hands and/or feet
  • Reduced pain sensation