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Tips for a Healthy Brain

Healthy Brain

Do we ever address our mental fitness when we talk about fitness? Typically, we discuss walking, cycling, the gym, and even marathons. We should!
In every aspect of our lives—including work, play, enjoyment, fear, learning, memory, and all others—our brain plays a crucial role as an “instrument.” What have we done to date to enhance our “brain” functioning, ask yourself. You don’t need to “work” hard; it’s straightforward.
Few simple tips for a healthy brain:
Continue to Be Active
Our bodies need regular physical activity, but so does our brain. It is an important component of the total body wellness strategy.

eat a balanced diet

Eat a balanced Diet

Food serves as both the “brain” and the “gate” to the heart. A diet low in fat and high in fruit and vegetables helps to maintain a better brain.




Keep your Mind Engaged

Keep your Mind Engaged

The catchphrase is “Use it or lose it.” Become bilingual. Perform Sudoku. crossword puzzles. Puzzles are enjoyable.





Maintain a Social Life

Happiness is mostly dependent on friends and family. Therefore, it might also apply to brain health.




Enough Sleep

Enough Sleep

Consolidating memories, getting rid of poisons, and repairing neurons are all benefits of sleep. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.





Don’t Use Tobacco or Alcohol

The degenerative process might be accelerated by toxins accumulating over time. Nobody has to be informed about the dangers of alcohol and smoking, so start acting morally now.


consistent meditation

Consistent Meditation

Time for “ME” now! Observe yourself. It may help to reduce stress, and stress is a “known” enemy of your brain. You may discuss a neurologist in Indore for more tips to keep your brain healthy.


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