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Epilepsy Myths and Facts

A person with epilepsy experiences recurrent, unprovoked seizures that are brought on by sporadic, abrupt, and extremely strong electrical discharges from brain cells.
One of the earliest neurological conditions that humans have experienced is epilepsy. According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy affects 5 to 10 out of every 1000 persons worldwide.
We have made an effort to dispel some widespread misconceptions and myths regarding epilepsy in this blog.

Myth: Contact can spread epilepsy.
Fact: The neurological disorder epilepsy cannot be contracted by coming into contact with someone who has it.

Myth: Epilepsy has no cure.
Fact: Most epileptic patients have effectively used anti-epileptic medications, surgery, dietary changes, and/or other therapy including deep brain stimulation to reduce or eliminate seizures. Most patients can have full, productive lives with the right care.

Myth: Epilepsy is genetic.
Fact: Epilepsy can be identified in anyone at any time during their lives. While some people are born with this condition, the majority of diagnoses are made for unknown reasons. Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or financial situation, epilepsy can affect everyone.

Myth: Epilepsy affects intelligence
Fact: A person with epilepsy typically does not have an intellectual handicap. However, a rise in the frequency or severity of seizures can have an impact on a patient’s ability to learn.

Myth: Epileptic patients are unable to remarry or have children.
Fact: Epileptic patients can be married with the correct agreement from both spouses, and with the right preconception counseling and drugs, an epileptic woman can get pregnant and give birth to healthy children. Consult the best neurologist for Epilepsy Treatment in Indore.

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