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6 Common Questions about Neurological Disorders

Neurological Disorders Treatment Indore

Disorders of the central nervous system and the brain are referred to as neurological disorders. Today, more people have neurological disorders such as migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy.

But even a small disruption in a neuron’s structural pathway can lead to malfunction for a variety of reasons. Infection, heredity, nutrition-related reasons, environmental effects, physical injuries, and lifestyle-related causes are among the causes of neurological illnesses.

The 6 Most Common Questions to Ask Your Neurologist in Indore

Q. How are neurological conditions treated?

A. Neurological illnesses are treated differently since each human body is affected by them in a unique way. Medicine is one of the main treatments. For better care, neurologists also suggest surgery and rehab facilities.


Q. What is a neurologist’s job description?

A. Neurologists specialise in treating conditions that affect the neurological system. They identify and treat ailments that affect the brain and spinal cord. We have experience treating neurological disorders as the top neurologists in Indore. In Indore, anybody experiencing issues with their sense of touch or eyesight can contact a neurologist. We will evaluate your symptoms, do diagnostic testing, and assist you in receiving treatment.


Q. Is there anything I can do by myself to become better neurologically?

A. Your ability to recover from an existing condition will be greatly aided by making some modifications to your lifestyle choices, such as what you eat, how much you move or sleep, and whether you smoke or not.


Q. What are the advantages of neurological therapy?

A. Daily exercise, lots of sleep, and the recommended diet from Neuro Physician can all help with neurological issues. Patients’ conditions can be significantly improved by medications. There are facilities for neurological rehabilitation that help patients’ symptoms and general wellbeing.


Q. Which neurological tests will be carried out and how will they affect my treatment?

A. An MRI scan is frequently advised by doctors. Patients occasionally inquire about the certainty of the diagnosis that each test would contribute, as well as the potential hazards and whether the test would result in a different course of treatment.

Therefore, Dr. Indu Bhana, one of the best neurologists in Indore, should be consulted if you have any neurological disorders. She has more than ten years’ worth of neurology clinical expertise.

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