3 Things to Consider Before Having Your First Appointment with Your Neurologist

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First Appointment with Your Neurologist in Indore If you are suffering from a neurological problem already and need treatment to be done already, then you might need to consider these 5 tips: – Know Your Problem: You must know your problem. Research the issue, and find the cure which you can do at home before, […]

Visit Neurologist if you have Symptoms of the Headache Given Below

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Headache It’s possible for headaches to be fairly common. But some headaches can be significantly more severe than others. How can you tell when a headache is bad enough to warrant a visit to the neurologist? Some warning indications are listed below. These will show whether there is a neurological problem and what might be […]

Tips for a Healthy Brain

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Healthy Brain Do we ever address our mental fitness when we talk about fitness? Typically, we discuss walking, cycling, the gym, and even marathons. We should! In every aspect of our lives—including work, play, enjoyment, fear, learning, memory, and all others—our brain plays a crucial role as an “instrument.” What have we done to date […]

Epilepsy Myths and Facts

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A person with epilepsy experiences recurrent, unprovoked seizures that are brought on by sporadic, abrupt, and extremely strong electrical discharges from brain cells. One of the earliest neurological conditions that humans have experienced is epilepsy. According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy affects 5 to 10 out of every 1000 persons worldwide. We have made […]

Stroke Warning Signs

Stroke Warning Signs Blood spilling into the gaps around brain cells causes a stroke. This could happen if the blood flow to a portion of the brain is suddenly cut off. Or it might happen if a brain blood artery bursts. The greatest risk is the death of brain cells. When the blood’s supply of […]

Mental Illness Types

Mental Illness Types If you’ve ever known someone who battled a mental or emotional disease, you understand how serious these conditions can be. They have the power to quickly take control of a person’s life, altering their behaviour, thoughts, eating habits, and overall functioning. These are incredibly complex disorders, and some medical professionals concede they […]

Symptoms of Dementia Loss of Memory

Symptoms of Dementia Loss of Memory Alzheimer’s disease, often known as dementia, is a mental condition that impairs memory, thinking, and reasoning. Since each person experiences a varied set of symptoms before being diagnosed with dementia, the signs and symptoms vary from person to person. Memory loss is the most typical symptom; in this instance, […]